USF Real Senior Program

The USF Real Senior Program continues to develop the technical skills (dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading and tackling) of each player.  We understand the importance of the maintaining a strong foundation.  We also know the need to develop team tactics and game understanding.  Our senior program provides a training environment allowing each player to get enough touches on the ball to develop their skills while training competitively in game situations to develop tactical skills and game understanding.  

Our dedicated, knowledgable and licensed coaching staff puts together training sessions that incorporate physical conditioning, technical and tactical training.  During these sessions, our coaches work to hard to make the most of the "coaching moments" by teaching life lessons and dealing with pieces of the game that are not physical but mental skills.  We work to teach our players how to deal with positive and adverse moments and situations.  We work to teach how to deal with winning and losing, good and bad calls, unruly fans, opponents playing with less than desired sportsmanship. 

As our players move from U15 and U16 to U17 and U18 and beyond, the game becomes more demanding and complicated.  Our coaches work to hard to insure the training sessions mirror this as well.  With each passing year, the physical demands increase along with the mental demands.  Soccer is an ever-changing and advancing game.  Our coaching staff works to stay up to date with these changes to provide the best training, game preparation and game execution possible.

We also work as a club to help prepare our players for the greater demands of each advancing year of high school.  As our players get closer to graduation, we work to help prepare them for college.  Not all high school players will play college soccer, but we hope any player who wants to go to college can go.  We stress the importance of getting good grades, time management, making good decisons (on and off the field) and being a valuable member of the community.