USF Real Junior Program

Since USF Real started, we have recognized the importance of Player development within our Junior Program.  Our junior program is usually not the beginning of a players soccer career, but it's also not the end of their career either.  In the junior program, we keep an eye to the future as we develop the player skills now.  As with our entire program, we are always developing within the guidelines of the 5 pillars of soccer: mental, physical, technical, tactical and lifestyle.  On the field, our focus in the junior program are the technical skills: dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading and tackling.  As these technical skills improve, we work to build the tactical skills and game understanding.  We know with a strong technical skill set and tactical knowledge, our junior players will have the requirements to advance to their high school teams as well as our senior teams.  

As our players move from U11 and U12 to U13 and U14 juniors, they not only move from small sided soccer to full field soccer, but they also move to greater levels of work, expanding focuses from not only technical skills, but tactical skills as well.  As our juniors grow up, we also increase their awareness for strong grades, proper behavior on and off the field and respect for the game and all its pieces.

As a club, coaches, parents and fans, we know why children play soccer - Competence (Learning and Improving), Affiliation (To be a part of a group and friendship), Fitness (Agility, balance, coordination, overall health) and the most important reason, to have FUN. 

We do our best to provide each player the proper environment to not only grow as a soccer player, but also as a leader on and off the field.  Players are encouraged to test themselves, try new moves and allow themselves to fail.  Our training environments are competitive but also encouraging.  We know a lot goes into developing young soccer players, leaders and human beings.  USF Real offers one of the best programs around to do just that.