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The USF Real Senior Program consists of our U15 - U23 men's and women's teams.  In the Senior Program, our goal is develop individual skills with a sharp focus on incorporating those skills into a strong tactically developed team.  Preparing any players with a desire to play in college is an area of focus as well.

​​​USF Real provides some of the best goalkeeper training in the state of Indiana.  We train not only our own goalkeepers, but also goalkeepers from around the state!  If you are interested, please contact us to learn more.

USF Real has been in existence since 2007.  In that time we have put our players and their development first and foremost.  We do that through focusing on the five pillars of soccer: Mental, Physical, Technical, Tactical and Lifestyle.  We take time to get to know our players and learn what is best for them.  Not everyone has the same goals and desires.  By working with each player individually and within our teams, we are able to develop players and teams to the highest quality possible.

The USF Real Jr Program consists of the U11 - U14 boys' and girls' teams.  In the Junior Program, our goal is to increase the level of play in individual skills while building a competitive team.  During this time, preparing our juniors for high school play is one of our focuses.